Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My first purchase of designer fabric

It seems strange now, but until I started reading sewing and quilting blogs only a few months ago, I didn't know that designer fabrics even existed let alone just how many and how lovely they are!! One shop that seemed to sponsor many blogs was Hawthorne Threads so I thought I'd have a look through their many, many wonderful fabric collections (pretty dangerous for someone who has always loved fabric as much as I do and who has a pretty large collection already). There were, and still are, so many fabrics I would love to purchase but I tried to restrain myself and bought two fat quarter bundles both Paradise by Patricia Bravo, one in Sunrise...

 and the other in the Sunset colour palette (the images of these two collections are from Hawthorne Threads).

I was so excited when the fabrics arrived - gorgeous colours and so silky soft - truly lovely! It's taken me a while to be brave enough to cut into them though, but I finally have (albeit with a project that uses only a small cutting of each fabric). Using some waffle cotton I had purchased from my local fabric shop I made some new tea towels and decorated them with a strip of designer colour. Firstly I made a pair of tea towels using Sparkles in Orchid and Teal...

And the other pair of tea towels featured Squared Fashion in Pink and Blue.

I'm really happy with how they turned out - they really freshen up the kitchen (although now I'm a bit scared to use them in case they get dirty!!)

What was your first project using designer fabric? 


  1. Oh, oh! Now you are going to be hooked... on designer fabrics!

    I think my first project with designer projects was a quilt for my daughter, with browns and pinks. I used a mix of vintage and new.
    emily xo

  2. Hi Peta,

    Fantastic tea towels. I guess my first use of fabric wasn't so much with designer fabric, but with t-shirt fabrics. I used to paint my pictures directly onto the fabric to create wearable art. It's funny coz the images have out-lasted the t-shirts in many cases. Now I'm working on a project (i.e outsourcing) with my Mum to create a quilt of some of these hand painted designs.

    Keep up the inspiring handcraft.

  3. That seems a very wise use of lovely fabrics. You can enjoy them nearly every day. Well everyday really, if you consider they will be on the clothes line or on the oven! Nice!